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9 November 2012

Great results for Jo-Kin's puppies!

"Inkeri" and "Myrsky"

Our girl "Inkeri" (Jo-Kin's Second Seduction) has been very successful in puppy shows this autumn! She has won many BOB's and also been placed at group rings. Her brother "Myrsky" (Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight) has been BOS, and our breeder's group was also BIS-3 in September!

Thank you to our wonderful puppy owners!

12 August, Raisio NAT

We had a great day at Raisio National show when our girl Ben-Star's Indian Summer "Mango" won BOS with CC! And the BOB was Babbes Chohan Baltasar the son of our FI EE Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Royal "Örkki". It was his second CC and BOB in a weekend!

BOB, CC Babbes Chohan Baltasar

BOS, CC Ben-Star's Indian Summer

28 July, Grandi again BOS

Our boy FI EE* Ch San Fun Final Point "Grandi" was again BOS with CACIB, this time at Pori INT.

9 July, "Grandi" BOS at Karjaa INT

Our boy "Grandi" was BOS with CACIB at Karjaa INT under judge Irina Poletaeva last Sunday. Also the BOB with CC was our "Örkki's" (Fi Ee Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Royal) daughter Red-Deego Dragon Princess "Jenni"! She is still in the junior class, but already so beautiful. Congrats to owner Jaana and breeder Kirsikka!

Fi Ee* Ch San Fun Final Point BOS - BOB Red-Deego Dragon Princess

6 May, "Odin" Finnish Champion

BOB, CC, Fi Ch Jo-Kin's Limited Edition BOS, CC, BOB-junior Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World

28 Apr, "Safka" Finnish Champion

Fi Ch Saffron Sherhy Tail Wind to Jo-Kin's (4 years old)

Our girl Saffron Sherhy Tail Wind to Jo-Kin's "Safka" made it! She won bitches in Lahti INT on Sunday and was BOS with CC and CACIB, and finished her Finnish Champion title!

15 Jan, "Mocca" in Estonia

Our black/brown girl Aleksandrian Are You Jokin "Mocca" (after Fi Ee Ch Jo-Kin's Jolly Royal) was visiting Estonia and won two times BOB and CC!

Now she has 2x CC's from Finland, 2x CC's from Latvia, and 2x CC's from Estonia, since we were at Latvia with her and our boy "Namu" in December. Namu did there very well indeed, more of that on --> News 2011!

We are also planning a bit of a brake to her show career now, and are planning to mate her in the autumn!

7 Jan, Puppy show

First show of the year for us was a puppy show in Lohja. Present were all puppies from our P-litter, and I want to thank you our fabilous puppy owners who came with their furry "children" to compete, chit-chat and have a good time!

Best results were Jo-Kin's Papa Oom Mow Mow "Potter" BOS, Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel" BB2, and Jo-Kin's BOB breeder's class.



Jo-Kin's Pow Chick A Wow Wow "Doris", Part Of Your World "Ariel", Place of Big Dreams "New York", Papa Oom Mow Mow "Potter"

"Mandi" and me (c)M.Koski

Also adorable little girl "Mandi" (Jo-Kin's Raw Blueberry) visited us in the show. She was too young to the show ring but we practised with her, and what an attitude! She is cute as a pie and such brave little furball!

Thank you so much Sari and Marko for bringing her there for me to cuddle and kiss her again! Maybe some day she will charm also the judges..