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6 May 2014

16 March 2014

20 January 2014


27 April 2014

Whoopy BOB and BOB-junior with CAC

Jo-Kin's Watch Me Fly Fly "Whoopy" 11 months BOB with CAC in Lahti INT Show!

2 March 2014

Inkeri BB-4 with r-CAC in Speciality Show

Jo-Kin's breeder's group BOB-2:
Jo-Kin's Kisser King, JK Wag That Ducktail, JK Truly Madly Deeply, JK Second Seduction "Inkeri"

31 December 2013

What an ending to the year 2013!

15 December 2013

CAC and New Finnish Champion in Winner 2013 show

FI CH JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel"

13 October 2013

BOB junior in Club Show

7 September 2013

Two CAC's at Vantaa All breed Show

7 September 2013

BOB with CAC in Äänekoski group show

Jo-Kin's Spark Of Heart "Kippo"

31 August 2013

BOB puppy at All Breed Puppy Show

Leeward's Copper Show Stopper "Chewy"

24 August 2013

"Jelly" is now a TRIPLE champion!

Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel "Jelly"

17 August 2013

Two CAC's from Sweden

Ch Jo-Kin's Kiss Me Close "Bono"

10 August 2013

BOB and BOS at Joensuu INT

Ch Red-Deego Rebel Romance "Dippi"

Our grand old lady FI EE LV Ch Red-Deego Rebel Romance "Dippi" went one more time to the show ring before her retirement, and what was the result? BOB veteran and BOS! What a grandma!
No less was her son BISS FI EE LT Ch Jo-Kin's Kisser King "Namu" - BOB with CACIB! Aren't they just wonderful together?

Ch Jo-Kin's Kisser King "Namu" Ch Red-Deego Rebel Romance "Dippi"

9 August 2013

BOB with CAC in Joensuu group show

Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel "Jelly"

28 July 2013

A-mazing weekend!!

BOB breeder's class Jo-Kin's at Speciality Show 2013

Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack"

Our boy Ch Jo-Kin's Kisser King "Namu" did it again! He was again BOB in our Speciality Show! Also our boy Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack" was BM-3 and won CAC! Our girl Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri" won junior class with CQ. And at the end, as "the icing on the cake", our breeder's class was also BOB!!

You can call that an amazing or what!!

15 July 2013

BOB and BOS in Oulu INT

Ch Jo-Kin's Kisser King "Namu" BOB with CACIB

Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel "Jelly" BOS with CAC and CACIB

30 June 2013

Jack BOB with CAC in Hämeenlinna All Breed Show

Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack" BOB with CAC

Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack" 14 motnhs old

BOB Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack"

16 June 2013

Jo-Kin's BIS-4 breeder!

In the pouring rain we were at Aura group show on Sunday and oh, what results we got!

EE JCh Jo-Kin's Northern Fear Factor "Hugo" BOB with CAC and now FI CH
Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight "Myrsky" BM-2 with res-CAC
JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel" BOS with CAC
Jo-Kin's The Rebel Princess "Aurora" BB-2 with res-CAC
Jo-Kin's breeder's class BOB with HP and later also BIS-4!!

Judge in the breed ring was Mr Ivan Vasiljevic, Serbia and in the big ring Mr Jackie Stubbs, Ireland. Thank you so much Ida and Sini for the handling and company, and Anni and Terhi for loaning us your precious ones! And also Marika for the help in the big ring! Thank you!

15 June 2013

"Tosca" BOS with CAC in Kotka INT

Jo-Kin's Unwritten Heartsong "Tosca" BOS with CC in her first official show!

9 June 2013

Another CAC for "Ariel"

JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel" with her owner Sini Niiniviita

Oh! We are so proud of you all!

This weekend JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel" took another CC at Salo group show when she was placed 2nd Best Bitch. Right behind her was Jo-Kin's The Lady Fortuna "Tiana" who won res-CC. In males our boy Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack" was placed also 3rd Best Male and won res-CC. In another show in Orivesi Jo-Kin's Spark Of Heart "Kippo" was placed also 3rd Best Male with res-CC.

Congratulations so much to all of the owners! We are so proud!

Jo-Kin's The Lady Fortuna "Tiana" 14 months old

Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack" 14 months old

26 May 2013

"Hugo" BOS at Rauma All Breed Show

EE jCh EE* LV* FI* Ch Jo-Kin's Northern Fear Factor "Hugo" won BOS at Rauma All Breed Show this weekend. All others Jo-Kin's Shih Tzus did very wewll too. Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel "Jelly" was 2nd Best Bitch with res-CC, Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel" was 4th Best Bitch, Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight "Myrsky" was 2nd Best Male with res-CC and Jo-Kin's The Rebel Princess "Aurora" was "5th Best Bitch". Congratulations to all owners!

Jo-Kin's The Rebel Princess "Aurora"

Jo-Kin's Northern Fear Factor "Hugo"

19 May 2013

"Hugo" became triple champion in Latvia!

What a weekend!
We got so happy news today! EE jCh Jo-Kin's Northern Fear factor "Hugo" have become a triple champion! He was BOS with CC in Latvia, and since he ahs CC's from Finland and from Estonia, he becomes (when confirmed) FI & EE & LV champion! Congratulations so much to his owner Ida Savolainen! Sadly we did not get a picture of him. Maybe later!

19 May 2013

"Ariel" CC winner

JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel"

JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel" was 3rd Best Bitch at All Breed Show in Mynämäki this weekend and won another CC! Now she is close to the age of 2 years when she can become a champion, se we are living exciting times. Congratulations so much to her owner Sini Niiniviita!

27 April 2013

"Bono" BOS and "Tosca" BOB puppy

Jo-Kin's Unwritten Heart Song

Another successfull weekend for us!

We are so proud that FI Ch Jo-Kin's Kiss Me Close "Bono" won BOS with CACIB at Lahti INT show this weekend! I was glad to be the handler too! Also it was the first show for a little girl "Tosca" (Jo-Kin's Unwritten Heart Song) who I proudly presented and she ended with BOB puppy. "Very happy mover" said the judge. Congratulations to their owners!

FI Ch Jo-Kin's Kiss Me Close "Bono" 4 years old

Jo-Kin's Unwritten Heart Song "Tosca" 8 months old

13 April 2013

"Myrsky" won CC and "Woody" was BOB puppy

Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnigth "Myrsky" 12 months old

What a great day we had!

Our co-owned boy Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight "Myrsky" was placed 2nd Best Male from junior class and he won CC at Vaasa INT this weekend! The 3rd Best Male was EE jCh Jo-Kin's Northern Fear Factor "Hugo" who won res-CC and res-CACIB. Also our breeder's group was BOB and Jo-Kin's Upper Paw Kingdom "Woody" was BOB puppy!

Jo-Kin's Upper Paw Kingdom "Woody" 7 months old

"Woody" and "grandmom" Seija

6 April 2013

"Mocca" became FI and LV champion!

Our lovely girl "Mocca" (Aleksandrian Are You Jokin) became LV and FI champion today at Latvia! Thank you to Ida Savolainen and Mimmi Tumppila who took so good care of her and handled her there!

29 March 2013

"Jelly" won CC and CACIB in Latvian Winner

Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel "Jelly"

Our 6 years old girl "Jelly" (Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel) was placed 2nd Best Bitch in Latvian Winner 2013 show and she won CC but also res-CACIB whitch will turn to CACIB because the winner of the bitches was already C.I.B. How nice after a long break to win these with my girl!

17 Feb 2013

Juniors met in Jyväskylä group show

Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply "Jack"

Our junior were gathered again, this time in Jyväskylä group show. There were plenty of beautiful Shih Tzus and I think we made very well with our youngsters. Our young girls did best; Jo-Kin's The Lady Fortuna "Tiana" was placed 3th Best Bitch with res-CC and Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri" was right there next in line as 4th Best Bitch. We showed also breeders group with our juniors and came again 2nd with HP.The breeders group that won became also BIS breeders group at the end, so we did not lose to bad.

Thank you for a very nice day to all in that show! Special thanks to our wonderful team: Ida, Miitta, Helmi and Henna! Thank you also to Anni, Terhi, Susanna and Liisa who trusted us to show their precious ones!

Jo-Kin's The Lady Fortuna "Tiana"

Jo-Kin's Second seduction "Inkeri"

Jo-Kin's Spark Of Heart "Kippo"

Jo-Kin's Talk Is Cheap "Nero"

20 Jan 2013

First time in junior class in Turku INT

Jo-Kin's breeder's class: JK Second Seduction, JW-12 JK Part Of Your World, JK Truly Madly Deeply, JK Spark Of Heart

Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri" 9 months old

Our juniors did well in Turku International Show last Sunday!
Our girl "Inkeri" (Jo-Kin's Second Seduction) had had an  early start a week before in Kajaani Int where she was 2nd with EXC in junior class under judge Tuula Plathan. But other of our juniors were first timers in official class. And for little "Jack" (Jo-Kin's Truly Madly Deeply) this was first time ever in show ring!

All of them, including "Ariel" (JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World) who was first time in intermediate class, got EXC and super critiques! Our girl "Inkeri" won this time junior females with CQ and was placed in the end also as 4th Best Bitch!

We had also a breeder's class with our youngsters, and we got the second place with HP and a very good critique. Thank you judge Mr Anthony Moran, Ireland!

JW-12 Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel"

Jo-Kin's truly Madly Deeply "Jack" (C) Mikko Marttinen

Jo-Kin's Spark Of Heart "Kippo"

Jo-Kin's Spark Of Heart "Kippo"

Thank you to our wonderful puppy owners and other friends for a lovely day in Turku!

17 Dec 2012

Happy ending to year 2012!

BOB Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight and BOS Jo-Kin's Second Seduction

BOB puppy Jo-Kin's Second Seduction

We had a fabulous weekend in December with Jo-Kin's team!

In Helsinki Winner our girl Jo-Kin's Second Seduction was BOB and her brother Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight was BOS in puppy class! Also our princess Jo-Kin's The Lady Fortuna was second best female puppy with HP. We did not have any adults in the ring that day.

In Finnish Winner our puppies were BOB and BOS again, only this time the placements were opposite; our "Inkeri" (Jo-Kin's Second Seduction) was BOS and her brother "Myrsky" (Jo-Kin's Storm Of Midnight) was BOB. Too bad there was no big ring for puppies in either of the shows.

Jo-Kin's Part Of Your Worl (C) Julia Hyttinen

Well, in Finnis Winner show we had one Jo-Kin's Shih Tzu in the ring, a junior female called Jo-Kin's Part Of Your World "Ariel". She is from our midsummer 2011 P-litter, a daughter of our girl "Jelly" (Jo-Kin's Jolly Rebel) and Fi&Se Ch Mintzun Prime Time.

I was so proud to get to handle her in the ring, she is so sweet little girl. There was a big junior class with many beautiful juniors competing under a strick judge Mr Ferenc Gröschl from Hungary. After a long consideration the judge however pointed us, and - SHE WON! With that win she gained the title Finnish Junior Winner 2012!! I was over the cloud!
In the end she was also placed 3th Best Bitch!
What a successful day we had!

Jo-Kin's The Rebel Princess "Aurora"

Jo-Kin's Talk Is Cheap "Nero"

Jo-Kin's The Cover Girl "Candy"

We want to thank all the wonderful puppy owners - without you we could not go on like this!
Thank you for this year and let us be as perfect next year too!